Why choose Soothing Remedies handcrafted products?

  •  All our products are made in small batches with care.
  • All our products are made with high-quality, food grade ingredients.

Why Soothing Remedies handcrafted soaps are better?

When many people think of soap, the mass produced, commercially manufactured stuff on the shelves of grocery and big box stores is what comes to mind. This "soap" is typically packed full of harsh detergents and toxic, skin stripping ingredients.  On the other hand, handcrafted soap is made using a blend of  oils, water and lye. When combined, a chemical reaction (saponification) occurs  forming glycerin and soap with no lye remaining in the soap. 

Soothing Remedies' handcrafted soap bars are made using a blend of organic olive, grape seed, avocado, and other plant based, skin loving oils.  Some bars include cosmetic-grade pigments, botanicals, herbs and other natural ingredients, and are scented with therapeutic grade essential oils or premium phthlalate FREE fragrance oils.  Care and attention is paid to each batch to ensure the finished bars of soap are nourishing and moisturizing and won't irritate or dry your skin.

Whats and Whys of the oils we use?

  • Avocado oil contains vitamins A, D, and E, which makes it healing as well as moisturizing. 
  • Coconut oil  is moisturizing, conditioning and protecting to the skin. 
  • Grape seed oil is a lightweight oil that absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving a heavy greasy feeling. 
  • Jojoba oil is conditioning and moisturizing.
  • Neem oil is very nourishing and is known to treat a variety of skin disorders.
  • Olive oil is very mild and nourishing. It is the perfect soap making oil for sensitive skin.

The Facts: Soothing Remedies products are NOT commercially produced, do NOT contain harmful chemicals , do NOT contain animal fats/by-products and  are NEVER tested on animals.

Go ahead, try one of our handcrafted products today!