Who We Are

Welcome to Soothing Remedies!


Denise started out making soaps as a natural alternative to the commercial brands that irritated her son's sensitive skin. Eventually she branched out to candle making, once again using ingredients that are natural and environmentally friendly, then experimented with other product creations. As she became more confident in my craft, she started sharing her products with extended family and friends, then formed Soothing Remedies, LLC.

The tenets the company are built on are: have a passion for what we do, use only ingredients that are good for the environment and support the local community and economy. Soothing Remedies, LLC is committed to giving back to the local community, and one we are especially proud of is our buy one give one program. For each bar of soap sold, Soothing Remedies donates one bar to St. Ann Place, an outreach center for homeless men and women in Palm Beach County.

All Soothing Remedies products are made in small batches to ensure premium quality.  Our 100% soy candles are eco-friendly, and our soaps are made with organic ingredients and are vegan friendly. 


Feel free to contact us with questions.