Ever wonder how soap is made? Here is how we do it!

Posted by Denise Lawrence on 31st Jul 2017

The art of soap making has been around for thousands of years. Soap makers blend oils and an alkali solution and use either a cold process or hot process to make soap. At Soothing Remedies, we opt for … read more

​Ten Ways to repurpose a candle jar

Posted by Denise Lawrence on 21st May 2014

If you’ve been enjoying your fragrance filled candle, and notice there is only about ½ inch of wax left, for safety reasons, it is time to say good-bye to the candle, but not necessarily to the can … read more

An extremely Soothing Remedy!

Posted by Denise Lawrence on 14th May 2014

After speaking with a friend yesterday I was inspired to test out a recipe to help ease the congestion brought on by a cold. She was very stuffy and said she was on her way to the doctor to get s … read more